AIHentaiChat vs

By: Ayako
Updated: 12/10/2023
AIHentaiChat vs

AIHentaiChat vs.

Please meet our sensual companions - your pleasure is our business! Unlike, you don’t have to figure out how to jailbreak your character in order to have a little adult fun.

  • No, really. There’s a whole cottage industry in how to circumvent the filters on “Use euphemisms.” “Put spaces in the dirty words.” On and on and on. Why not come to an adult chatbot platform where we don’t even "not ban" it, we don’t even discourage it, we’re not neutral - we’re very positive on the adult fun.

  • I hear that lets you make your own character. That’s great! So do we. You have control over the characteristics of your…companion. We still maintain the companions that we built. And we will continue to evolve them for people who just want to hop right in, and can’t be bothered with customizing their sex bot.

  • Character.a iis not heading in the right direction either. They have already raised $140 million at a valuation of $1B and are looking to do another round at a $5B valuation. That money is absolutely not going to go into providing you with an NSFW experience. In fact, I guarantee, like absolutely guarantee, that a bunch of that money is going to go towards plugging holes in their filters.

Remember, we're always evolving and continuously updating our site. Watch this space, as they say…



No, strictly enforced

Roleplay/Erotic Role Play (ERP)

Yes - is built for roleplay, our models highly tuned for this sort of interpersonal interaction chat






One of’s leading features. On our highest tier we offer the longest memory available, indeed the longest possible in any product

There’s really mixed reports on this. Many experiments all the way up to August, 2023 showed limited memory.


Excellent - we have both professionally curated companions for you, and you can define one to suit your tastes - both of those will provide excellent companionship.

Completely dependent on your ability to define a bot.


You just pick a companion and start typing to them. or You can take a few minutes to define a companion more to your tastes.

You have to completely define your bot. To their credit, they make that process reasonably simple.

Image Generation

Yes! On fire!


# of Characters

11 that provide professionally curated examples of the types of Hentai you know and love. and ∞ user-defined

∞ user-defined

# of characters you can chat with

You can have conversations with all of the curated companions plus up to 60 other companions of your own devising.

As many as you want - one of their strongest features.

Ownership of Models?

Yes, we own the core models - based on open source.

Yes, based on open source and some of their own.


Discord and Email

Knowledge base, submit request, Reddit

Free Plan

You get enough free messages to see how great we are.

So, they have a great free plan. You get access to all their functionality. Pro gives you better access to support and priority access to computing resources when things get busy.

How it Will Interact With You

Adult Chatbot Virtual Girlfriend Relationship Practice Sex Chatbot Sex AI Sext Bot iGirl Anime Porn Erotic Role Play (ERP)

eally any way you want. This is, by far, their greatest strength. There are novel writing bots. There are pair-programming bots. There are “sitting at the campfire” bots. There are bots that pretend to be famous people - and they seem to be struggling a bit with the legality of this.

So - pretty much any way you want except that one really important thing that we do - sex.

Summary provides an impressively versatile platform. This platform can cater to a broad range of users, use-cases, and personalities. From pair-programming to meditation, from straight-up frivolous fun to serious conversation.

The price of this flexibility is that users are required to define their chatbot parameters and personality. You can publish yours out to the world, and in-turn, you can use other bots.

However, maintains a strict policy against not-safe-for-work (NSFW) content, ensuring all interactions remain appropriate for a general audience (and ensuring that there isn’t a single sex bot on the site).

In contrast provides curated adult chatbot companions designed and optimized for NSFW interactions. We have a niche, and we like that niche - so we focus on delivering a more targeted experience. Our platform has, at present, 11 pre-defined, carefully curated, hentai archetypical companions; this means you don’t need to build from scratch - but you can

We give you the ability to construct your own companion - but we have made it easy by giving you a selection of sliders. We know you’re here for NSFW; we’re just making it so it can hit your tastes a little more precisely. specialization allows us to cater to an audience seeking more adult-themed interactions, which are not available on The emphasis on NSFW content positions us as a clear alternative in the chatbot landscape, addressing the demands of a specific user base.

While we both operate in the broader “chatbot” domain, we serve markedly different purposes and audiences. has a broad, ambitious scope making it ideal for a wide range of practical and entertainment purposes. They speak to a much more general audience. In contrast, we here at have a narrow, but equally ambitious scope. We focus on NSFW hentai content, filling a specific - very important - niche that consciously avoids. This difference in content policy is one distinguishing factor between the two of us.

The other major factor comes in how the bots must be defined - in’s case, some of them really are just bots - chatbots specifically tuned to help with one problem. Some are true “characters,” sure, but you have to make them. We provide you with the base already filled in, companions that are ready to help you with your most important social needs.